10 Years On - Jinx Lennon

10 Years On - Jinx Lennon

As we approach BalconyTVs 10th anniversary, I thought it would be interesting to interview some of the first artists that performed on the show and find out what has happened to them in the time since.

Jinx Lennon performed on November 15th, 2006. It is still one of our most amazing performances. Here is our catch up....

Stephen - Jinx, you were one of the first artists to perform on BalconyTV. What, if anything do you remember about the performance?

Jinx - It was after having a row with someone in a kebab house. I was seething by the time I hit Dame St. so it was a venting session for me. I needed to get the tension out that day.

Stephen - You certainly did that! What was the song about?

Jinx - Forgiveness and self belief.

Stephen - How long had you been playing before that point?

Jinx - I'm making music in some form or other since 1980.

Stephen - What were your ambitions then, compared to what they are now?

Jinx - Back then stadiums and female adulation. Now making great albums and uplifting lost souls.

Stephen - The internet has completely transformed music in the last 10 years. When we started out, YouTube was just starting and MySpace was the thing. How have you found dealing with the digital revolution?

Jinx - It fucked me to be honest. I am still  wary of social media.

Stephen - What do you make of the Irish music scene.

Jinx - I like it. Rusangano Family, Girl Band, Captain Moonlight, TPM, Dave Keenan, Wasps V Humans,Teknopeasant, Dah Jevu, Acoustic Dan, Big Tom, Ri Ra, Jimmy Johnson and a great new all girl outfit The Periods...keep an eye on them.

Stephen - If you could give the you of 10 years ago advice, 10 years on, what would it be?

Jinx - Don't let any fucker tell you what you're doing or pigeonhole you. And BASICALLY not knowing exactly what you're doing is better than labelling yourself and losing your mojo.

Stephen - What has been the best thing to happen to you in music and life in the last 10 years?

Jinx - Still doing music and loving it, marriage, and my daughter.

Stephen - What is the one song of yours your most proud of that people should check out?

Jinx - I'm proud of all of em.

Stephen - Who has been your favorite Irish artist of the last 10 years, and your favorite international or mainstream artist?

Jinx - Captain Moonlight from Ireland.

Jinx - Ghostface Killah from NYC.

Stephen - Final question. What would your words of wisdom be for anyone starting out? Be as brutal as you like.

Jinx - One chord is all your need, one note even, once you've got something to say that is real and good.

Stephen - Thanks Jinx!


- Stephen O'Regan